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Lou Zhongfu, board chairman of the holding company, visited Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group

    On Oct. 16th, Lou Zhongfu, board chairman of the holding company, visited Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group and gave a speech to the group employees captioned “Reforms and Development of Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group”.

Mr. Lou fully analyzed China’s macroeconomic situation and his own thoughts on Guangsha Group’s proper response to the current macroeconomic control. He gave a retrospect on the 20 years of development of Guangsha Group and probed into the status quo and existing problems of Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group.

       Mr. Lou fully confirmed the achievements that Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group has made ever since the listing, especially in terms of business development considering the contract value of nearly 700 million Yuan within only half a year and its encouragements to the employees. Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group has established a new mechanism that is gradually taking effect, implemented a liability tracing system and a project contracting mechanism economically. It is required to set a goal for project contracting and gradually set up an assessment mechanism for project managers on the basis of the project features, difficulty level, liability scale and ability of project managers. Project managers are given full power to employ staffs, which is an effort to realize market-oriented project management.

       Mr. Lou encouraged the group management to be more creative in terms of management mechanism, business mechanism and leadership organization and fully utilizes the CPC committee’s influences in corporate politics to publicize the company’s main strategies, goals and management ideology to the employees in order to strengthen the education on liability, facilitate the establishment of corporate culture and encourage all employees to go ahead together.

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